General Summary of Statistics

Annual Report 1903

This General Summary of Statistics, Annual Report of 1903 was put out by J. B. Cooprider, County Superintendent of Schools, Woods County, Okla. Information from The Alva Pioneer, Souvenir Edition & Historical Album - Tenth Anniversary, Alva, Okla., January 1, 1904, Woods County, Oklahoma Territory.

Total No. white males between ages of 6 and 21 yrs

Total No. white females 7,428
Aggregate 15,339
Total No. colored males 34
Total No. colored females 24
Aggregate 58
Total aggregate 15,397
Total No. white males enrolled 5,946
Total No. white females enrolled 5,456
Total No. colored males enrolled 14
Total No. colored females enrolled 19
Aggregate males 5,960
Aggregate females 5,475
Total aggregate 11,435
Average No. males in daily attendance 4,086
Average No. females in daily attendance 3,813
Total 7,899
Whole No. teachers 287
Whole amount paid teachers $68,486.08
Whole No. schools taught 287
Total No. days taught 30,920
Total amount of taxes levied $86,596.04
Total amount of bonds issued $28,343.00
Total No. School houses erected during the year 30
Total value of same $28,343.00
No. school houses in county 262
Total value of same $122,340
Total receipts for the year $162,484.04
Total expenditures for year $135,235.83
Total balance unexpended $27,248.21
No. weeks Institute was held 4
No. teahcers attending institute 245
No. teachers examined 201
No. certificates granted 164

J. B. Cooprider,
County Superintendent of Schools,
Woods County, Okla.

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