Oklahoma Beats the World

Information from the 1904 Souvenir Edition - of the Alva Pioneer, Friday, Jan. 1, 1904, Vol. 11, No. 16, by W. F. Hatfield, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma. W. F. Hatfield, Publisher Daily and Weekly Pioneer editor, sold the "Souvenir Edition" in 1904 for 50-Cents. It was printed to celebrate Alva's tenth anniversary since the opening of 1893.

Illinois sweeps the world. Nearly all the broom corn raised on the farms of the globe grows in three counties near the eastern line of Illinois. Illinois is good for most any kind of crop. There are more strawberries raised along the Illinois Central than in any part of America, and perhaps of the entire world. In southern Illinois are some of the greatest apple orchards and in Sangaman County there are about as good plums and prunes as are produced in California. -- A. (Ill.) News.

Oh, come off! We are from Illinois and know it to be a glorious, good state. In fact, before we came to Oklahoma we thought it the best body of land that man ever stepped foot upon but the scales fell from our eyes in very short time after locating in Enid. Illinois is a rich, thriving state, But Oklahoma is richer, and, although in its teens, it is almost as well developed and is more thrifty.

Talk of raising nearly all the broom corn! Why, you are not posted a little bit. The fact is, Oklahoma raises more than one-fourth of the broom corn of the country, but like yours truly before he came here, you don't know any thing about Oklahoma. And as for apples, peaches, strawberries and such, Illinois can't hold a candle to Oklahoma along these lines. The fact is, we'll put Oklahoma against the world fro fruit vegetables and cereals. Oklahoma is rightly called "The Land of the Fa_____ God," for there is not to be found all this green earth a richer soil in a more delightful climate. -- Enid Eagle (1903)

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