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Press Release - by M. E. Wagner, 31 July 1997

(Fairvalley, OK, USA) -- With so many smaller towns today feeling the extraction of their townsfolk and their businesses moving to the larger cities, Fairvalley has the determination and new leadership to defy the status quo and become a bustling municipality once again.

Fairvalley is located between Waynoka and Freedom 5 miles west of the intersection of Highway 14 & "The Freedom/Fairvalley Blacktop" and south on an old country road where a sign, which was created and donated by the towns new acting Judge, is posted revealing its new location. "A valley of justice where fairness prevails," commented the Judge.

"Fairvalley is a town that does not discriminate between Race, Sex, or Species, " as the new Mayor responded to the recent success of his new town; and it's citizens are ecstatic and are overjoyed when their new Mayor makes his frequent public appearances to check on the status of his constituents. The town is made up three or four people, deer, quail, turkeys, a few coyotes and other wildlife, but the overwhelming majority are Cattle just as it was back in the old days.

Fairvalley was settled by Marion and Mary Clothier of Kansas in 1894 with a single tent as their first dwelling. They soon moved to a one room cottonwood log cabin that was built in a valley northeast of the old railroad tracks.

The cattle trail which ran from Freedom to Hennessey in 1909 that also passed through old Fairvalley. The cattle trail lead Alph Updegraff to Fairvalley to begin its first industry of raising livestock. He also built a General Merchandise Store right next to the trail in Fairvalley.

At the beginning they hauled their drinking water from the Fairvalley Springs that was owned by Mr. All and located on Eden land northwest of the old railroad. The Fairvalley Springs was the greatest asset to the Old Town of Fairvalley. Mr. All also ran the General Store and the Post Office.

At that time the Clothier's land supplied the lumber for many of its citizens as well as for the New Stockyard located near the railway.

The town migrated southeast to be right next to and south of the Buffalo Northwestern Railway that replaced the cattle trail around about 1919. Allie Bickford's family moved and operated the Post Office and General Store in New Fairvalley.

Linda McGill-Wagner, which runs WarwickshireWest Publishing, USA, has a genealogy site on the Internet and is adding a Fairvalley Eagle Newsletter to that site to publish family histories and to share the histories and old stories from the Freedom/Fairvalley area. It is located at Fair Valley Legacy on the web.

Her Grandmother was Constance Estella Warwick McGill & Constance's Father was John Robert Warwick. John R. made the Oklahoma Land Run in September 1893 with his wife and two children (a daughter and a son) from Coldwater, Kansas where he had been teaching school. Through John R., Linda and her sisters have accumulated land in the area of Fairvalley south of the old non-existent railway tracks and some land northeast of the old non-existent tracks.

"It is my intention to use The Fairvalley Eagle as a vehicle to share the History of Fairvalley, Freedom, and the surrounding areas that were connected by the Buffalo Northwestern Railroad that ran from Buffalo, Oklahoma to Hennessey, Oklahoma," Linda commented.

If anyone out there has any old stories from the Fairvalley and Freedom areas that they would love to include in The Fairvalley Eagle, you can either Fax them to her at (405) 879-0704 or if you have access to an E-Mail account on the Internet, then you can E-MAIL Linda at warwickl@aol.com. She would really like to hear from you.

If anyone out there reading this has any information on the Fairvalley Reunion, she is very interested in connecting with someone to learn more about it.

"You All are in my thoughts and I extend my Hand of Friendship and Support . . . Because as my Sister, DoRight, always says, 'Together We Can Do IT! We Can Make a Difference' and a Connection!" ~ Linda McGill-Wagner

'GodBless and Love to All
Wishing you all the best that there is to offer. '