1st. Great Grasshopper Gala

by - LK Wagner - 10 August 1997, Sunday

The residing Mayor and City Commissioner held their First Annual Great Grasshopper Gala for the New FairValley immigrants.

As the immigrants and their relatives gathered at the neighboring borders of Indian Territory for the Oklahoma Land Run of September 16, 1893, the Locustidae (or Acrididae) and Tettigoniidae with long hind legs gathered from origins unknown in the Summer of 1997 for the first FairValley Great Grasshopper Gala. They feasted on fresh, FairValley vegetation planted especially for the occasion put up by the Mayor, City Commissioner, and Associates.

The Gala's menu consisted of a variety of vegetarian delicacies put out each Spring by the Mayor, City Commissioner and Associates within the town garden. Some of the vegetation included were the luscious, leafy leaves of the new red, white, and sweet potatoes; several tantalizing love fruits (or tomato vines); a variety of succulent squash; and miscellaneous flowers for garnishing and center pieces planted around a campground that encircled a hand-dug campfire pit.

Mr. and Mrs. Locustidae and their relatives came from miles around (origins unknown) for the Gorging of the Grasshopper Festival as each Locustidae Family dined on FairValley's fine vegetation for the entire Summer Celebration with nothing leftover for the unexpected guests (Jac and Reba Rabbit and family) except for a lonely little tomato plant that almost survived the Great Grasshopper Summer long experience.

In an earlier conversation between the Mayor and the Judge, the Judge had this to report, "We are contemplating harvesting the gorged grasshoppers and marketing them as FairValley's first crop of Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers and perhaps extending the Locustidae crop to a Pick-Yur-Own Bait Shoppe."

The long hind legged Tettiigoniidae hopped in from miles around for the first Great Grasshopper Festival and Reunion to be held at FairValley since the Dust Bowl days of the late 1920's and early 1930's.

Other Reunions going on in the area include the "Freedom Old Cowhand Reunion" held August 14-16, 1997 as one of the main highlights of the "Biggest Little Rodeo" held in Freedom, Oklahoma, USA each year at this time. Come join the fun for the Shoot-out in Downtown Freedom, America, USA.

Another Reunion coming up is the Fairvalley Reunion that is held in September the first Sunday after labor day (Grandparents Day) in the Freedom Community in NW Oklahoma. Stay tuned for more information concerning the Fairvalley Reunion in later issues.