Freedom, America

by - LK Wagner - 9 September 1997, Tuesday

Freedom, America . . .

Jan Burnham, her husband (Vic Burnham) and Jan's daughter ran The Freedom Call newspaper that has been a main stay in Freedom for ninety (90) some years. Jan and Vic Burnham and Jan's daughter (Dina) have only operated The Freedom Call for the last few years. There have been several owners before them, but it remains Freedom's means of communicating news to the people in the community and the surrounding area.

I was very impressed with Freedom and its citizens and believe that it does take a village such as Freedom to raise our next generation of thinkers! It is a friendly, rural town that has maintained its charming, western fronts on all of its buildings and maintained that community feeling of family and friendship that so many cities and towns have lost.

Another attraction and draw for that area is the Alabaster Caverns State Park (Bat Caves) that is just south of Freedom and on the south side of the Cimarron River. Stop by there and tell them you read about them in the Cyberspace FairValley Eagle.

Perhaps while we are here today we can learn everything there is to learn about our ancestors' and what they went through to settle this land of ours and see what we can do to preserve that history and heritage for the Future generations that follow in our footsteps.