Woods County's 4.0 Earthquake

14 September 95, 7:32 p.m.

by - LK Wagner - 13 November 1997, Thursday

The day that the 4.0 Earthquake shook NW Oklahoma around the Alva and the Capron areas in Woods County, Oklahoma. September 14, 1995, 7:00PM found me working late out at the office one evening on some family business. Just me and my dog, Rosie.

Back in the Fall of 1995, there was turmoil brewing in my parents Estates and Trusts. The oldest daughter and her son were trying to break-up the Trusts that both of my parents had set into motion. Let's just say about that, "That Gene was turning over in his grave and rumbling something fierce."

As I was saying earlier, I was working late at the office around 7:00PM-7:45PM, Oklahoma time --- just me and my dog. What happened that night follows in an E-Mail that I sent to my son (Mike) and my sister (Dorthy) of what I experienced that night.

My son found the following E-Mail the other day in his E-Mail Archives and forwarded it to me. I have decided to reprint it here in the FairValley Eagle for some present history of my area of the State.

14 September 1995, 10:50PM E-Mail:

TO: Dorthy & Michael ----

What was I doing when . . . Alva & Capron's 4.0 Earthquake shook the Northern area of Oklahoma?!

Let me start back at around 7:00pm . . . I was still out at the office. I had just gotten up from the Computer after being hooked to the E-MAIL machine.

My Dachshund was trying to tell Me that it was time for Me to get her some dinner and pay some attention to her. SO . . . as I was heading back to the kitchen I clicked off my air conditioner and went on to the kitchen to prepare My Dog "Rose" her dinner.

After that (approx. 7:15PM), I went back to My Office waiting for "Rose" to finish eating so I could let her out. Before I opened the office door for some fresh air and to let Rose out, I called A Friend . . . (We'll call her Lovina) . . . to see if I could get a ride home (because I was without a car.)

She said, "No problem" . . . AND . . . was headed out My way.

NOW . . . We come to 7:32PM . . . I'm standing in the doorway of the office watching Rose do her thing outside and watching the highway for my ride.

I hear and see a slight vibrating type rumbling and notice (I didn't feel anything) . . . BUT . . . it was kind of like thunder or an air conditioning unit shuting off.

I first look towards the air conditioning unit and rememberd that can't be it because I shut it off around 7:00pm. I then looked out side, because it had been cloudy most of the day. There was NO Storm activity going on.

I didn't think much more of it and continued on waiting for My Ride.

I recalled later . . . When I looked towards air conditioning unit . . . Just for a split second, that My Eyes saw a vibration. It was so quick and short that I passed it off as distant thunder shaking things up a bit.

At 10:00PM I'm Listen to the News channel. They come on and say the Alva & Capron areas had been shaken by an Earthquake at 7:32PM that measured "4." on the Rector scale. Mexico City and Greece also had an Earthquake earlier.

I'm saying to myself, "What! Earthquake in Oklahoma? It can't be . . . BUT . . . Yes it can!"

Could You follow any of that rambling on?! I'm just trying to get my thoughts on it down on paper some where . . . AND . . . I said, "E-MAIL it to Dorthy & Michael." So . . . I did!

BOY! . . . THEY really have GENE Rumbling! I wonder WHAT They have done NOW? This was just a warning, BOYS! Don't mess with MY GIRLS!

Adieu for Now!