Fair Valley, Oklahoma Makes KWTOV News (1997)

KWTV's Oklahoma Hometown Links

by - M.E. Wagner - 2 December 1997, Tuesday

KWTV 9-OnLine (www.9online.com) adds Fair Valley to their Oklahoma Hometown Links.

Between the Alabaster Caverns and the Little Sahara, a new tourist attraction arises in Northwest Oklahoma.

There is not much to see out at the actual site of Fair Valley, Oklahoma these days except for maybe a newly painted sign marking the original location on the Freedom Blacktop Road that connects Highway 50 & Highway 14.

With the help from a McGill Sister, Virtual Fair Valley has sparked interest in this Oklahoman Hometown from KWTV Online and others interested in Oklahoma history.

Linda Wagner, one of the infamous McGill Sisters you read about in the Alva Review-Courier, re-created the town of Fair Valley, Oklahoma on the internet awhile back. Since then Linda has built the site up to include history of the old town of Fair Valley and links to other historical Oklahoma webpages.

Linda even created a Web-ring, which cycles endlessly through a series of websites where you can find information on Oklahoma's history.

I have had quite a few people writing asking for information on Oklahoma because their child has chosen to write a paper for their class assignment on Oklahoma. Commented Linda That is why I am including some interesting Oklahoma History Sites that I have found on the Web. As I find more Sites, I will be updating this page periodically.

Some of the other information includes information on the Woods County's 4.0 Earthquake, 14 Sept. 95, 7:32pm and information from the most recent Fair Valley Reunion held in the quaint little town of Freedom, Oklahoma, in the Chamber of Commerce building on the east side of town.

If you would like to learn more about this bustling little community on the Information Super Highway, you don't have to pack your car and start looking for Hotels. All you need to do is fire up that old PC (personal computer for those computer illiterate) and direct your web browser to this address, Fair Valley Eagle.