The Spirit of FairValley's Rebirth

by - LK Wagner - 18 January 1998

The Spirit of Fair Valley Flows Again

With everyone talking about the weather and the El Nino in the 1998s the Creek beds as will as the spirits of this Fair Valley once again runs swiftly with a rebirth of life.

When talking to an inhabitant of this little Valley the mayor had this to say, It has been quite awhile since I've seen the creeks in this area running so full through this Fair Valley.

The rain, snow, sleet and winter weather that came through here in late December 1997 and Early 1998 has the creeks of Anderson and Red Horse Creeks flowing once again. I hope I have those creek names correct. If I flubbed up, please feel free to correct my mistakes.

It is good to see the life and rebirth of this Fair Valley springing up from within the rekindled spirits of our pasts.

Thanks To Fair Valley Community

There are a few Fair Valley Residents and their families who I would publicly like to thank. Let me start by giving recognition to Darrel Eden and his family for the newspaper clippings and notes that they have forwarded to me. The Eden's have been very helpful in this writers quest to rekindle the spirit of this Fair Valley community.

I recently have received some 1957 articles published in the local news papers concerning the history of Fair Valley Community and will be incorporating them into my FairValley Eagle in the near future.

May this online Web-Site be just one of the vehicles that keeps the sacred history alive and anew in the hearts and minds of this generation and the next.

This is written giving due respect to all those who have sent me stories, articles and have shared their histories for us all to remember and continue to grow together as a family community.

Here's a Fair Valley BIG HUG of respect to the descendants of Elbert Piper for his written words of The Fair Valley Community.

Here's, also, to everyone who has shared their histories and recollections of our early history in this Fair Valley Community. Without your knowledge there would be nothing to hand down to the next generation.

Here's to the Freedom Community and the Freedom Call who have inspired us all to remember who we are and where we came from and where we are headed together. As my sister, Dorthy, always says, Together we can do it! We can make a difference and a connection!.

When you stop by on-line at The FairValley Eagle or, don't forget to stop and sign the Guestbooks and give us some feedback and your own stories of Fair Valley and the Freedom area.