White Man's Ways Start of Poultry Business

27 January 1998 - Excerpts and information taken from a 1957 Article written by Elbert Piper and printed in the Alva-Review Courier. Also, information found at various links on the Cyber-highway of the NEW Frontier. Some people have commented that Mr. Piper's history article is the most blatant piece of "noble white man trying to civilize savage indian." What do you think?

Last Chapter...

In the last chapter we discovered that Fair Valley was Indian country.

We find out about the difficulties that some had taking care of the belongings they had. As crude as some of their efforts --- Some would steal at night causing others to capture the wolf to train and use as watchdogs or guards.

The Cheyenne indians kept moving south with the many moons and never to return as far north again.

The Introduction of the Ponies...

The Cheyennes discovered the pony on one of their trips south when they spotted a Spaniard moving along as if he was an appendage of the pony.

The Indians found that the pony could carry much more than the dogs. So they ventured into Mexico territory and brought back a herd of ponies. The ponies made hunting and living much easier and then the white man came along.

Adventures of Three Nations...

We are going to skip the restless adventures of the Spanish and jump to 1492 and the exploring party that had landed on the northshore of the Gulf of Mexico.

That same party heard of glorious stories about wealthy cities and the fever of Gold far to the north.

These and other story reports inspired such individuals as Coronado and Desota to visit what later became known as Oklahoma (including Fair Valley).

After the Spanish gold seeking explorers came the energetic French fur trappers with their light canoes. The light canoes enabled them to follow the lesser streams to all parts of the Mississippi Valley.

Another nation was coming up over the Appalachians toward the great father of waters. The English who were seeking new land settlements.

The English, Spanish, and the French were all trying to establish themselves in our part of Oklahoma. It is a long story of these three Nations trying for ulitmate possession of what is now our homes.

Baby Giant of All Nations...

What three Nations sought after was given to the USA in the Louisiana Purchase.

Some would come to state that God had used this young nation to develop and carry on his great principles in the whole world.

The sturdy pioneers of our Fair Valley settlers and others played their part in the settling of Oklahoma and the Fair Valley Community.

According to Elbert Piper's history of the Fair Valley Community, ...Oklahoma was known as the most progressive people spiritually, and intellectually of any part of our nation...

The people that settled in Fair Valley have proven many times that they are/were the Salt of the Earth from their children down to the grandchildren and the present day generation.

You can not and should not forget these robust men and women. They are the last generation of our pioneers.

The pioneers left the old country to settle the new lands along the Atlantic seaboard not knowing what adventures they would encounter. The second generation moved west to the mountains and each generation after that kept moving on west to unexplored regions. Generations after generations moved west from state to state until only Oklahoma was left.

Some of the Old Timers names you might have heard about when the rough parts of Woods County were settled were names such as Eden, Brant, Icke, Graves, Hoyle, Mapes, Morris, Cornish, Vansickle, Pettes, Brown, Russell, All, Down, Denney, Wardell, Clothier, Bickford, Updegraph, Fulton, McCorkle, Miles, Rose, Pocock, Bryson, Boyett, Elder, Piper, Loshbaugh, Earnest, Livingston, Wheat, Gaskill, Shorter, Moreland, Arnold, Farris, Snyder, Selman, Urban, Brace, Evans, Carson, Haines, Elrod, Vaughn, Buckland, Clark, Snapp, Clifton, Ryan, Vincent, Rupe, Carter, Badger, and many others too numerous to mention. You can still find most of these same names located in this area even today.

The Louisiana Purchase...

President Thomas Jefferson bought all Woods County with his famous Louisiana Purchase for two and a half ($.02 1/2) cents per acre.

Indians Forced To Move West...

This land changed hands many times. The greed of the land hungry English forced the neighboring Indians to move and settle further west.

The Trails of Tears was just one of the maneuvers in our history to displace the Native Americans of their hunting grounds.

Large land deals were made with the leaders of tribes and then they were enforced with rigor.

Fair Valley was apart of one of those forcible land deals with the Cherokee Indians (as mentioned back in an earlier chapter).

Some might say, That we cheated them (Indians) out of their hair and teeth.

We then proceeded to place them on reservations and tried to teach them the white man's ways.

Learning the White Man's Ways...

There was so much labor attached to the white man's way that the Indians learned slowly.

The Indians it turned out felt sorry for the white man because the white man was a poor hunter.

Poultry Business Gets Its Start...

Cows, hogs, chickens, farm tools, homes, etc. were issued to the Indians in their course of instructions.

White sisters cooking was relished, especially the eggs. The Indians that hung around the agencies did so around meal time.

One Indian finally asked for a squaw hen to start an egg business. When the setting hen was furnished it was placed at the bedside for the least amount of trouble.

The poultry business got its start when the Indian pleaded to stay home from a buffalo hunt. He pleaded for his poultry business he had learned from the visits to the white sister's home each day at meal time.

The Indian council decided that the poultry man could stay if he would feed the Band (or Tribe) he belonged to. Hence, the Indian sold his saddle horse and put all of his money towards a feast for his tribe (or Band) he belonged to.

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