Ames, Oklahoma Murals

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Ames Coop Mural First town meeting Coop mural
Main St., east end of town East Main St., N side of street mural showing grain elevator, etc.
East main St., N side of street Mural of Ames Main St. looking east Live shot of Ames Main St., looking east, July 2000
Did you know...

That located near Ames, in eastern Major County, in north central Oklahoma, there is a circular depression surrounded by an annular ridge that is buried under approximately 3000m of Ordovician and younger sediments?  On the site is a significant oil and gas production that supports 65 wells.  It is said to be between 450-million to 600-million-years-old.   Does anyone out there know exactly where this meteorite impact is located?

CLCIK HERE to see larger picIf you travel on down Ames' Main Street to the west, on the NE corner of Main & Broadway Street, west side of the old, vacant G. W. Turner hardware & Implement building is the third mural depicting a view of the Main Street of Ames looking East.

As you come into Ames from the North, across Main Street to the south of the railroad tracks is the Farmers Cooperative that has a mural depicting the "First Town Meeting" (picture furnished by the Patton Family). 

If you look to the right (west), on north side of Main Street, there is another mural across from the Fire Department, and on the east side of a vacant building shaded by a huge elm tree.

Ames, Oklahoma, Major County, Meteorite Impact Structure...

"Gravity and Magnetice Investigation of the Ames Structure, North Central Oklahoma" - "Located near Ames, Oklahoma, in eastern Major county, the Ames structure is a circular depression surrounded by an annular ridge. It is buried under about 3000m of Ordovician and younger sediments and is the site of significant oil and gas production (Carpenter and Carlson, 1992; Hamm and Olsen, 1992). Its origin has been variously attributed to meteorite impact, volcanic activity, dissolution collapse and other causes." 

"A local oil field is one of only three in the western hemisphere drilled on an ancient meteor crater; the 600-million-year old crater is eight miles in diameter and supports 65 wells."

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