1905 Orion School Major County, OK

The following information on the 1905 Orion School Pupils was submitted by Alice Shook via her granddaughter. To see more History go to Bukowski History

Orion School In 1905 - submitted by Alice Shook, 1998

The children all attended the Old Orion School. School only lasted for a few months in the Winter time, as the pupils were all farmers children and were needed a home to work. The children all attended school at the old Orion school house which was located north and east of their home. Walking was the only means of school transportation in those days. During the early years of the 1900's, there would be anywhere from 40 to 50 pupils attending the one-room rural school at Orion. The pupils were all ages and all grades, and one teacher was in charge of all of them. The Teacher of the Orion Community School in 1905 was Margaret Engles.

List of Pupils in 1905: from left to right...

[1. Roy Holman]
[2. Ed Bukowski (1st row)]
[3. Phillip Bukowski]
[4. Fred Hurt (1st row)]
[5. Frank Hurt]
[6. Ira Painton]
[7. Mabel Kachel (1st row)]
[8. Mary Bukowski]
[9. Sam Kachel]
[10. Albert Kachel (1st row)]
[11. Ruby Gould]
[12. Gertie Gould]
[13. Leona Patterson]
[14. Lizzie Cossell]
[15. Johnny Eddingfield]
[16. Jimmy Eddingfield]
[17. Mary Eddingfield]
[18. Erma Holman]
[19. Nellie Eddingfield]
[20. Earl Gould]
[21. Lillie Cossell]
[22. Johnny Hurt]
[23. Grace Gould]
[24. Walter Eddingfield]
[25. Bessie Patterson (back row)]
[26. Plato Patterson (holding sign)]
[27. Ray Holman]
[28. (?-boy behind Ray Holman)]
[29. Claude Eddingfield]
[30. Maude Eddingfield]
[31. Charley Eddingfield]
[32. Albert Ring]
[33. (?) Holman]
[34. Roy Ring]
[35. Mary Shaffer]
[36. (girl) Secrite]
[37. (girl) Paris]
[38. (girl) Levitt]
[39. (girl) Levitt]
[40. (girl) Levitt]
[41. Hattie Painton]
[42. Clara Kachel]
[43. Myra Turner (right side, back)]
[44. Tillie Hurt (right side, back)]
[45. Emma Hurt]
[46. Mary Barbara Hurt (right side, back)]
[47. Floyd Painton]
[48. (boy 1st row, end) Secrite]
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