Penny Postcards

When God Made Oklahoma

When God made Oklahoma
I think he had some fun.
I think he used the leftovers
When everything else was done.

When he finished the Painted Desert
He still had lots of red
So he brush-stroked Oklahoma
Painting land and river bed.

When god created mountains
A pile of stones in his hand
Were stacked in Oklahoma
Making the Arbuckle and Wichita band.

When God built large, rain forests
In Arkansas and so
He had so many extra seeds
Well, where should the rest go?

So, he threw them in a band of green
As thick as one can see,
The Quachitas and Ozark Plateau
Are filled with many a tree.

When the rivers of many nations
And creeks of many states
Were finished he just pushed the rest
Into -- You guessed the place.

With help he took the Kansas wheat
And cotton from the South,
Then oil from the Texas fields
Plus peanuts for one's mouth.

And put them into Oklahoma
With surprises everywhere
No boring sameness of terrain
But pot-luck landscape where

People of many colors
Live on red earth land,
Harvesting golden wheat fields
And toiling with tool or hand.

And when God finished this project
After all his creative fun
I'm sure he grinned in satisfaction
And commented "Well Done."

by - Unknown Author