1909 Baseball Team

This is a 1909 postcard that my Grandfather (W.J. "Will" McGill) sent to my Grandmother while he was playing baseball in Oklahoma during 1909. He was also courtin' my Grandmother (Constance Estella Warwick), and going around the country ordering & shipping furniture for/to the McGill Bros. Furniture Store in Alva, Oklahoma (Woods County).

Will McGill is the tall, good-looking, lanky fellow on the back row -- third from the left. He was a pitcher for the Austin Senators in 1906 and known for his fast, curve balls. If anyone knows about this Big "G" (?Guthrie?) baseball team, please don't be shy!

You can read more about his "Baseball Legacy" on my "Grandpa's Legacy" pages.

Backside of 1909 Postcard

It is addresses to Miss Constance Warwick, Denver, Colo., GD (General Delivery), It has Guthrie, Oklahoma postmark on it of Aug 21, 1909. AND... Colorado Springs, CO postmarks of Aug 24, 30th, and Sept 24th.

The message reads as follows: "Have won both games since my return. Feeling fine. Hope you are thusly. -- Mc."