St. Mary's Academy

Two-cent Postcard -1908, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

St. Mary's Academy, OKC, 1908

St. Mary's Academy, Oklahoma City, Okla.
made in Germany. Weinand & Bexfield, Photographers.
Postmarked - May 31, 1908, 6 PM, Oklahoma, Okla.
[Sent to Miss Connie Warwick, Alva, Okla. with message, "How are you?"]

backside of postcard

The Indian Advocate - 1889 - "In 1880, some Benedictine nuns from New Orleans opened a girls' school and operated it until 1884, when it was turned over to a group of Sisters of Mercy from Illinois. The influx of whites in the 1880s led to the establishment of the College of Sacred Heart, an institution distinct from the Indian schools. St. Mary's Academy was added by the Sisters of Mercy to accommodate young ladies. A charter for the schools was issued later by the Oklahoma legislature."

Biography of Tony Hillerman - In 1930s St. Mary's Academy was a boarding school for Native American girls at Sacred Heart.