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The Alva Record - Official City Paper

Vol. 22, No. 39, Alva, Okla., Friday, September 28, 1923
[Just a few of the frontpage articles]

Woods County Man Dies of Injuries

James O. Gregory, of Lookout, Dies of Injuries Received in Run Away Last Week.

James O. Gregory, of the Lookout neighborhood, who sustained a fractured skull and other injuries in a runaway on the public highway, two miles from his home on September 18th (1923), died at the Alva Hospital at 8:00 o'clock tuesday evening.

The patient seemed much better following the operation in which the broken skull was lifted from the brain tissue, but the shock to the system proved too great and death came after a week of suffering.

The body was removed to the Garrison Undertaking parlors to await the arrival of a brother from California. Arrangements for funeral services have not yet been completed.

Receives Bouquet

Rev. S. H. Raudebaugh, who is here taking treatments at the Alva Hospital, received a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers Wednesday, from his Sunday School class at Dacoma, for which he is truly grateful. Rev. Raudebaugh and wife recently returned from an extended visit in the east. They also spent some time in Colorado this summer. Rev. Raudebaugh is one of the very few survivors of the ship Sultana, which was destroyed on the Mississippei river at the close of the Civil War. He says he enjoys reading the Record very much.

Methodists Have Church Supper

About two hundred and fifty persons -- members fo the local Methodist church and their friends -- attended the supper in the banquet hall of the First Methodist Church, Wednesday evening. In addition to the bountiful supper which was served by the ladies of the church, a delightful program was rendered, consisting of orchestra selections, readings and addresses. The orchestra is said to be the best Sunday School orchestra in the state and the church is truly proud of its achievements. Reports of the business affairs of the church were read and plans for the future were discussed by various members of the official board. The church has shown a remarkable growth in every way during the past year and the outlook for the future was never more promising.

District Court Will Meet Next Monday

Jury summoned to Appear October 8th. heavy Docket, but Few Important Cases.

The District Court of Woods county will meet next Monday, October 1st, for the regular October term, with Judge Arthur G. Sutton, presiding. The first week will be taken up with arraignments, motions and non-jury cases. The jury panel has been summmoned for the following Monday, October 8th, and the week following will be given over to jury cases.....

No Word Regarding The Special Election

Special Election Called for Next Tuesday is Tied Up int he Supreme Court.

Whether the special election called for next Tuesday at which time five initiated and referred measures were to have been voted upon by the people of Oklahoma, will be held is not known at this time. D. C. McMurphy, secretary of the County Election Board, received a telegram Wednesday advising him to make no further arrangements for the election until so instructed by the State Board.......

County Government Costs $160,974.54

Estimated Cost for Present Year Will Be Slightly Higher According to Statement of County Commissioners

The cost of conducting the affairs of Woods County during the fiscal year which ended June 30, 1923, totaled 160,974.54, according to the Financial Statement and Estimate for the county which was made public the past week. The warrants issued for the various offices were as follows: County attorney, $2,534.97; Sheriff, $7,632.02; County Clerk, $5,889.10; County Treasurer, $6,131.99; County Assessor, $4,137.26; County Superintendent, $3,526.37; County Surveyor, 620.29; Board of Commissioners, $5,451.56; County Court, $,177.16 (sic); District Court, $4,908.98; Court Clerk, $2,743.10; Justices of the Peace, $131.30; Health Department, $164.50; Charitable, $10,001.50; Sundry Expenses, $13,604.75; Agrivulture, $2,151.92; roads and Bridges, $89,073.74.

The estimated expenses for the present year as given by the commissioners were $172,884.52; $143,055.60 of this being for the General Fund and $29,828.92 for the Road and Bridge Fund. The new gasoline tax fund will help take care of some of the road construction work which heretofore has been paid from the regular funds.

Bennett To Head The Ranger Football Team

At the annual election of the Ranger football squad of Northwestern, Gaylord (Butch) Bennett was elected captain of the 1923 team. "Butch" is one of the few veterans around whom Coach Wyatt is building his team for this season and is a man of several seasons experience. Usually playing at end or half back, and occasionally at quarter and full, he has been permanently placed at the quarter position for this season. Bennett is a very speedy little fellow, quick, active, heady and possesses an unusual ability for breaking up the plays of an opposing team. His election to the position as captain is an evidence of the respect in which his teammates hold him, and their confidence in his ability. The entire school was elated over the results of the election.

Militia Forbids Special Session

Representatives Disperse Without Argument at command of Military Authorities. Will fight Governor in Courts.

Members of the state legislature who responded to the call of W. D. McBee and assembled in Oklahoma City, Wednesday, with the avowed purpose of holding a special session of the legislative body to impeach Governor J. C. Walton, dispersed quietly when Col. Wm. S. Key, of the National Guards, standing before the entrance of the legislative chambers, commanded them to disperse and forbade them to meet as legislators within the borders of the State.

The lawmakers made no demonstration but quietly left the building and returned to the down town hotels, where they discussed ways and means of carrying on the relentless fight which they have started against the Governor. Their efforts now will be directed toward forcing the matter into the courts, although jsut what the next move will be the leaders have not made public.

The Governor says that the failure of the legislature to hold its special session was a victory for himself and for law and order.

The public eagerly awaits the next act in this great farce-comedy which is adding so much to the gaiety of the nations.

Birthday Dinner

A bunch of Grandma Harpman's friends and neighbors surprised her last Sunday with a big dinner. The occasion of the festivities was her birthday. She was 74 years old. In passing I must remark that Grandma is just about 99 per cent American. She was but six months old when her people left Sweden in the spring of 1850. The sailing vessel in which the party left Sweden, was buffeted about on the waves of the Atlantic for three months ere they landed safely on the coveted shore. Thru Mrs. Harpman's veins courses a strain of French blood; of one of the numerous families of French emigres who fled their native land during that troublous period 1790 to 1820 to find asylum in Sweden. We may recall that even the royalty of Sweden is the house of Bernadotte, one of Napolen's famous marshals, who was elected King of Sweden.

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