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The farming town of Dacoma (located SE of Alva 11 miles) tried two other names before a group of citizens asked the US Post Office Department for the name of "Dacoma (Dakoma)."

It was another little town that sprang up because of the extension of the "Frisco Railroad" westward to Avard that created a demand at it's location.

The important factor affecting and developing the history of Dacoma was the fertile wheat production in the territory. Dacoma's wheat elevators were the Farmers Mill and Elevator Co. - Choctaw Grain Co. - Enid Milling Co. - and Farmers Mill, etc. Five large elevators marketed annually more than 1/2 million bushels of wheat. Dacoma and Capron (14 miles NE of Alva) are the more beautifully and richly environed by endless fields of wheat.

Dacoma also had some of the best business establishments of the county. Such as A. W. Lewis Lumber - Grain and Coal Co. (G. W. Crowell, partner) - State Bank of Dacoma (J. H. Dye, cashier) - C. V. Poulson Grocery & Hardware - George Whittet Grocery - W. E. Hiatt General Store - P. E. Swan & Co. Dry Goods & Ready to Wear - and Bruner Bros Unusual Garage & Repair Shop.


An Alva friend of mine mentioned to me the other day, "The Dacoma State Bank was established by Mr. Bonner, the president and G-Grandfather of the Doctor brothers (Reitz) in Oklahoma City & Enid, OK. The Longhurst family of Alva are also related. Mr. Bonner was president of the Bank until the collapse during the 1930s. NO Depositer's ever lost money during the time of the collapse, because Mr. Bonner personally paid each depositer out of his own pockets. Also, George Whittet (grandfather of Bill Whittet) still has descendants located in and around Dacoma, Oklahoma that operate the local Grocery Store. The Grocery Store has moved several times in Dacoma between then & now, but is still operating in the town of Dacoma." [ INFO - The Oklahoma Historical Library.]

Dacoma Platte Map

Twp. 25N-13WIM map of 1906
land owners around Dacoma.

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