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Freedom, Oklahoma

Freedom Grain Elevator and Depot

You've heard me talk of Freedom before and how it was born around 1918 as a result of the Waynoka-Buffalo Railroad up the Cimarron Valley.

If it hadn't been for the courageous pioneers (W. W. Vincent and A. T. Walker) that undertook construction of the Railroad with their own resources and later sold to Santa Fe Railroad when work progressed as far as Freedom, Freedom may never have been born.

Did you know that Freedom was originally named "Annis" after one of the pioneers, but when submitted to the US Post Office Department it was rejected because the name was already in use by another post office in the state? The name Freedom was substituted by the postal authorities. Things happen for a reason and the name of "Freedom" seems to fit this quaint open rodeo country town and it's people.

The first merchant of Freedom was Q. A. Winningham. The early ranchers, shippers, builders and boosters for the Freedom Community were Jim Brown, R. I. Eden, Robert Spencer, and Bunk Snapp. Marion Clothier in 1889, established the first post office of the county west of Alva. Other businesses of Freedom were the Farmers Co-operative Co.; Frank Kamis (Kamas) General Store; Art Hepner's Grocery; Reily and Dygert Grocery; Clifford and Parsons Hardware; Sam Updegraph Hardware; Starr Lumber Company; and Freedom State Bank (cashier and manager was Senator D. H. Powers). Sometime later, Updegraph moved and located his Starr Lumber Company business to the Alva Community. It is still presently owned and operated to this today by descendants in Alva, Oklahoma..

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